• ?Best invention since the shaving stick?
  • ?I really liked this product and found it straight forward to use?
  • ?Definitely a product I would purchase?
  • ?Great value for money?

Ladies go to extreme lengths to get rid of unwanted body hair that we men don?t bother with. I suppose the idea of faffing about with Immac, shaving razors and sugar cream is a nightmare for your regular male species and popping down to the local salon for a wax is not my idea of fun.

Enter, Zeos for Men which is the first waxing kit especially designed for men. It can be used at home and is designed to deal effectively with the most hairiest male. In other words, the answer to my solutions. This kit provides an easy and effective way for men to get rid of their unwanted body hair from the comfort of their home without having to visit a salon.

In the box you get the Zeos self-heating applicator and docking station, roll-on wax refill, 30 non-woven removal strips, six perfect finish after-wax wipes and obviously the full instructions and tips for a great waxing experience as well as some great advice on how not to wax of your skin.

I really liked this product and I found it to be very straight forward to use, it?s really easy to use as long as you follow the instructions. It is very effective as it literally gets all the hair ? even the smallest ? and lasted for up to three weeks.

Zeos Waxing Kit is the best invention since the shaving stick, with the starter kit retailing of ?29.99, one can?t go wrong with this product ? well unless you over heat it. The great thing about this product is that, at first you get the starter kit which comes with everything you need to get waxing and once you run out (which will probably be in the next two to three months), the items are refillable pricing from ?9.99.

It is a definitely a product that I would repurchase as it is effective and great value money and it can be used for many times before you need a refill. Even though it?s called Zeos for Men I think this product can also be used by the ladies for those obvious hairy areas like the arms, legs etc. and it?s will make a great gift idea too as Christmas is round the corner.

Review By: Brown Beauty

Review By: Bola Oyewole