Zeo’s Men’s Waxing FAQ

I?m a wax virgin! How does it all work?

Come on, you can guess. You roll warm wax onto a patch at a time of your body hair, smooth a strip of cloth onto the wax and well, you quickly rip it off and your hair is pulled out by the roots.

Ouch! That sounds painful. Does it really hurt that much?

No. Well, like so many things, it can be a bit un?comfortable the first time you go through with it but it gets better the more times you do it.

Should I shave first?

No!!! After you?ve got used to waxing, you?ll never want to shave again. Shaving your body hair first is a no-no. To get the best results from your ZEOS waxing system, your body hair should be no shorter than 5mm long so if you?ve previously shaved you may have to let your hair run free a little, it?ll be worth it in the long run. Wax needs to get a grip!

When will I see my body hair again?

We?re all different but most blokes will find it takes between four and six weeks for their body hair to make a reappearance after an efficient waxing. You may find some bits of your body grow hair quicker than others but any hair that appears before this time is bits that have missed the wax by being too short or fine. If you wax continually over a period of time, re?growth will definitely be less obvious and finer.

I heard a whisper that waxing will make my skin go very red, is that right?

Yes, you might be a bit red afterwards and sometimes there can be a bit of inflammation if you?re a more sensitive type. Nothing to worry about though as for most people it?s gone in an hour or two and they?re left with smooth/slick hair free skin that shows off your body, is definitely well worth it !

What can I do to stop my skin going all bumpy after waxing?

The girls say Exfoliate before you Depilate. For once, they?re right. Using a gentle body scrub (we?re not talking shot-blasting here, guys) 48 hours before you plan to wax gives great results and will help prevent bumps appearing.

When can I tan?

Ah, tanning again. Sun bathing is terrible for your skin, you know that. If you must then please don?t expose the skin you intend to wax to the sun for 48 hours before or after you treat it. Sun damages your skin which needs to be in tip-top condition for a successful waxing. Steer clear of the fake tan too for 48 hours each side of applying ZEOS for men Wax.

What should I do after waxing?

It?s time to show your body some love. Well, to show your skin some love. The plucked chicken look may come to mind for the first couple of days after your waxing but bear (not bare) with it as once your somewhat shocked skin settles down you?ll soon have the look you?ve either a) dreamed of or b) previously spent a fortune at the salon achieving.Once the waxing is over, it?s payback time. You pay back your skin with a generous application of baby oil to get rid of any tacky residue. You?re probably dying for a shower at this point. Don?t get carried away with the temperature, keep it down. Tepid isn?t a great word but it?s a fabulous temperature for newly waxed skin. Pat your skin dry, it?s baby fresh, and smother it with gentle lotion or cooling gel – aloe is incredibly nurturing for skin that needs a bit of TLC!?

Be extra nice to your skin for a few days

Imagine how you treat your other half after you?ve upset them? Yes, well that?s your skin. After 48 hours you can GENTLY exfoliate if your skin feels settled down. This will help you to avoid pesky in-growing hairs and keep your skin in great condition.