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This ones a bit delayed, life has been a bit chaotic and my life is mainly in boxes that due to unforeseen delays has meant living out of them longer than I thought. Anyway back on topic.
Zeos For Men sent me a box of their latest products, a set of 4 items that make up the new range. Face Scrub, Face Wash, Shower Gel and Moisturiser and I?ve been giving them a whirl for couple of weeks in my gym bag. I?m very picky about my grooming products as I have sensitive skin and I?m a vegan so ethics are key for me.

Zeos For Men don?t test on animals so that is one of the tests passed with flying colours, how about the second one. As someone who likes to run and therefore deal with a variety of weather as well as commuting, how would they work out during the real world test.

Well I love the smell, an understated masculine aroma that rather than being overpowering is subtle but stays all day. The shower gel and face wash give a great lather and leave the skin feeling really fresh. They include natural plant extracts that really give the skin a perky feel.

The scrub uses coconut husk, again its natural, much better for the skin and planet than many exfoliants that are not bio-degradable and stick around forever. They are also not overly abrasive on my skin. Using any scrub is a worry for me as if they are harsh they really do cause me issues. The Zeos scrub has never given me sore skin and makes me feel so soft and fresh after use, that is the best type of endorsement.

Finally the moisturiser. It?s been fantastic, really rubs in well without leaving oily residue, my skin is left feeling so soft. Given the battering from rain and sun its been put through in the last two weeks I can safely say I?ll be using the whole pack.

Prices range start at ?4.95 and are available online via the Zeos for men site. I really like these and will be buying them, you can have many fancy tests etc, but the best one is would I pay cash for it myself, in this case yes I would and will.

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