Most of us appreciate the chance to escape the daily grind (and the British summer) to catch some rays in a more exotic location. Whether it?s clubbing in Cuba or maxing in the Maldives, chances are you want to come back from your holiday looking better than when you caught the flight out.

However, living it large, indulging in the local cuisine or cocktails and exposure to sun, sea and, well, sand, can often leave you looking a bit worse for wear under your tan.

You might be having the time of your life but your skin is under more pressure than you realise and this type of assault can weaken your skin?s natural barrier, leaving it open to damage and sensitivity.

The new Zeos QU3 range with Resistem? brings together cutting edge skincare technologies to help shield your looks from the worst your holiday lifestyle can throw at you.

From the outset, holidays can be tough on your skin. Your two weeks off probably come at a cost and chances are you?ve had to put in extra hours in the office or on the site to get your workload to a manageable enough level to leave in someone else?s hands. While the occasional buzz is motivating, too much stress isn?t good for you and while you solider on when you have to, a lot of us crash as soon as we get the chance to take a decent break. This is why some people invariably spend the first few days of their holiday feeling ? and probably looking ? a bit rough.

The next challenge faced by your skin is the flight out. If it?s long haul, this can be tougher than you?d expect. A lot of people complain they break out in zits after a long flight or arrive on holiday looking red faced, shiny and itchy.

The dry air on planes really dehydrates your skin. Add to that all the hassle of getting away (last minute work problems, packing, getting to the airport) and poor sleep, alcohol and airplane food and it?s not surprising many of us get to our destination with the complexion of a 15-year-old (and we don?t mean that in a good way).

While this may seem inevitable, a bit of preparation can work wonders. Getting into a good skincare routine long before you board the plane can help protect your skin from the effects of pre-holiday stress and support it through the challenge of being locked in a dry, stale cabin for hours.

The QU3 range contains Resistem? which is a natural product that stimulates your skin?s self defence mechanism which is just what you need to shield your looks from whatever your adventures through at them.

You can help prepare your skin by using a good moisturiser that packs some serious hydration power. Zeos face and body moisturiser is one no fuss way to treat your skin with a cutting edge blend of naturally-derived products which have proven results.

Drinking plenty on the plane ? and by this, of course, we mean water, just water ? can help counteract the dehydrating effects of the flight where humidity is extremely low. Try and avoid the spicy option on the menu and however hot and fed up you find yourself mid-flight, try not to run your face with your hands as your pores are just waiting to soak up all that dirt and dead skin (and it might not even be yours, just saying.)

Whether you?re lapping up urban culture or enjoying water sports on the beach, the assault on your skin doesn?t stop once you reach your destination. Even if you?re too busy to spend time sun bathing, cities are notorious for being rough on your face with often poor air quality and intense heat and sunlight bouncing off countless windows and cars.

Your first line of defence after a day sightseeing in the city is a good wash, of course, and the same applies if you?re spending a lot of time in the sea or in a chemically cleaned swimming pool. Nothing feels better than fresh water on your face and the new Zeos Facial Wash cleanses deeply, freeing your pores from filth, salt and chorine, with natural vitamins E and B5 working hard to leave you feeling fresh and invigorated.

We all know about slapping on the protection but sun block can also make your face feel congested and oily. While it?s important to use these products, you also need to deal with long term build up and the Zeos facial scrub has the same deep cleansing power as our facial wash but also contains coconut husk to gently but firmly slough away stubborn grime, lotion build up and dead skin cells, helping you to put a fresh holiday face on.