Modern living can be rough on the skin with the buzz of city life, stress and a hectic schedule all taking their toll. Fortunately, here out ZEOS? we?re all about solutions and our new QU3 skincare range with Resistem? brings together cutting edge technologies with ingredients derived from nature to help shield your looks from the 21st Century.

We all want to fall out of bed looking good to go but most of us need a little extra help, especially after a late night. The QU3 range is designed to maximise your appeal with the absolute minimum effort, helping men who are really pushed for time to face the world at their very best, whether they?ve squeezed in a work-out before hitting the office or caught up on some missed sleep.

Back in 2014, ZEOS? started a revolution in hassle-free male grooming ? helping to reveal the man inside. Our innovative warm waxing kit has helped men ? and those who appreciate them ? across the UK to enjoy taut, fuzz-free skin for weeks, achieved in the comfort of their own home with a professional salon finish at a fraction of the cost.

We have pushed forward with our ethos of giving men exactly the right products, designed for them and containing everything they need to feel better, look better and play better and the grooming revolution continues with QU3 ? our new award winning first line defence system for the male face and body.

This is a pared-down, stunningly fuss-free range that is powered by a high tech blend of Resistem? with natural vitamins E and B5, in sharp, contemporary packaging.

We believe that life is complicated enough. Here at Zeos we love to keep things beautifully simple and our new range consists of exactly what you need and nothing more:

? Hair and body wash, to feel squeaky clean
? Face and body moisturiser, a shot of pure hydration
? Face scrub, helping hard working skin feel balanced and new
? Face wash, for fresh and invigorated looks whenever you want them

It?s a take-anywhere range so that wherever you stay the night, you?ll leave looking your best.

ZEOS? QU3 range with Resistem? is powered by natural Vitamins E and B5 and works as an effective, everyday defence against dry, stressed out skin by keeping it hydrated and smooth for a youthful appearance that?s full of energy.

Resistem??? natural plant stem cell technology that mimics the skin?s own defence mechanisms. Urban skin undergoes daily assaults from UVAB, stress, pollution, smoke, and junk food. These generate noxious agents which contribute to the accumulation of toxins creating redness, premature ageing and reducing your skin?s natural glow. Resistem? helps your skin come to its own defence and boosts its natural ability to regenerate itself.

Natural Vitamin E? increases collagen production to enhance the skin?s repair process.
Natural Vitamin B5? keeps the skin hydrated and healthy and also softens the skin.
Shea Butter+ ? provides nourishment and boosts hydration.

We all know that urban life can take its toll on your appearance. We all have to get to work. Whether you take the bus or tube, or tackle the traffic on your bike, one thing the city streets don?t offer you is much in the way of fresh air. Exhaust fumes, smoke and dust can all make skin feel dirty and irritated and when you rub your face you?re rubbing in city grime that highlights every crease and wrinkle, putting years on you. Longer term, the daily assault can weaken your skin?s natural barrier, leaving you open to attack from the elements.

You need a range that?s ultra-effective but can fit into your busy life, without any fuss.
Hard working city guys who have tried out the QU3 range told us they loved the way the product looks but more importantly found it:

?Effective matte application with a refreshing scent.? (Moisturizer)
?A gentle medium grain scrub that isn?t harsh on the skin.? (Scrub)
?Easy to lather and highly energising in scent.? (Face wash)
?A classy scent with an easy-to-lather finish. Effective for hair and skin.? (Hair and body wash)

ZEOS? QU3 range with Resistem? Helping you to take on the city.

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