Body grooming is still very much a taboo subject amongst most men despite 50% of us admitting we have waxed in the past in a recent survey carried out by Zeos. Despite this, so many wince at the thought of waxing due to the association of it with pain.

Body waxing for men

Whether it be for sports performance, to show greater body definition or simply because the missus prefers you silky smooth, fear no longer because Zeos For Men have created a new rolling wax machine, strictly for men, that virtually eradicates the pain factor; allowing you to have professional results in the comfort of your own home.

Full body wax for men

Unlike shaving or hair removal creams, waxing removes the hair right from the root, rather than just slicing the hair from above the skin surface. This means that not only does it take longer for hair regrowth but also leaving you with a good 4-6 weeks of baby soft skin. The hair grows back finer, unlike shaving and hair removal creams when the hair often appears to grow back thicker due to the blunt end of the hair where it was previously cut.

?? ? a quick, easy and mess free way of ?manscaping? your desired areas?

Waxing Kits For Men

Using the same wax used in professional salons and containing only the finest ingredients such as coconut oil means that your skin is left smooth and moisturised after waxing. Due to the minimal irritation experienced it can be used across all skin types.


Zeos For Men is a quick, easy and mess free way of ?manscaping? your desired areas. You simply plug the sleek waxing machine in to its docking station twenty minutes before use. Then when warmed, roll the wax on, smooth on the wax strip, hold the skin taut and quickly pull the strip off in the opposite direction to hair growth. It really is as quick and easy as wax on, wax off. If waxing is all a bit alien to you and you?re still not convinced, then you can even log on to their website and follow the simple tutorials and FAQ?s section.

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Review By: Ryan Khinda