Modern living can be tough on the skin with pollutants, stress and junk food all taking their toll. Fortunately, ZEOS? is all about solutions, and are introducing their new QU3 skin care range with Resistem?, bringing together cutting edge technologies to help shield male looks from the 21st Century.

The new men?s skin care collection by ZEOS? will consist of a face and body moisturiser, a face scrub, a face wash, and a hair and body shower gel. This new range will be launching in late September 2015.

All QU3 products contain Resistem?, natural plant cell technology obtained by the stem of Globularia cordifolia plant which mimics the skin?s own defence mechanisms thanks to natural hormesis-like mechanism.
Ingredients include:

Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and stimulant of collagen to give the face energy and vigour. Natural Vitamin B5 to keep the skin and hair hydrated and shea butter (in the moisturiser) for suppleness and nourishment.

Article By: Karen Grace

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