I have been using the Zeos For Men QU3 skin care range for nearly 2 weeks now so thought it was about time I told you all what I thought. I?m the type of person who uses the same products over and over again and rarely change, so when Zeos For Men sent me their new QU3 range to try out I was extremely excited to try something new.

The whole range has Resistem extracts in which is a natural plant stem cell which helps with your skin?s defence mechanisms, so will help to avoid redness, premature ageing and helps the skin to regenerate itself. Perfect for the modern city man!

QU3 Face & Body Moisturiser ? I was instantly drawn to the Face & Body Moisturiser as it has Shea Butter in which I absolutely love the smell and feel of! So as soon as I got this out of the box I applied it to my arms and I must say it smells AMAZING, very similar to The Body Shop Body Butter but the consistency is a little different. It also includes Natural Vitamins E & B5. Click to purchase.

QU3 Face Wash ? The face wash left my face feeling revitalised and hydrated so does exactly as it says on the tin! Great consistency unlike some Face Washes I have used in the past. Click to purchase.

QU3 Face Scrub ? I am very fussy when it comes to scrubs as I breakout very easily,?so only used this on my t-zone to see how it would help with blackheads and was pleasantly surprised how much this helped. Again like the Body/Face moisturiser, it features Shea Butter and Natural Vitamins E & B5. Click to purchase.

QU3 Hair & Body Shower Gel ? Again like the rest of the range the Hair & Body shower gel includes Natural Vitamins E & B5 and smells extremely fresh! I don?t usually purchase Hair & Body shower gel combos as I feel they don?t wash the hair properly but this was one of the best I have used. I would take it away with me where luggage was limited as essentially its a 2 in 1. Click to purchase.

Overall I thought the Zeos For Men Skin Care range was great, and would definitely repurchase most of the products and recommend other modern urban city men to give them a go. My favourite item from the range would have to be the Face & Body Moisturiser which I will continue to use as a body moisturiser.

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