What can I say? Well, I?ll start with a huge thank you to ZeosForMen for sending me these amazing men?s skin care products which I absolutely love and will have to grab more from Boots.

Background of ZeosForMen

ZeosForMen have developed their new QU3 Skincare range which is a 21st-century defence system unifying the latest technologies to create a layered resistance to keep the skin?s enemies at bay ( which by personal use, I have to say they definitely live up to expectations!!)

? Their main ingredient used to achieve resistance of the skin and body is Resistem. This is a natural ingredient discovered using plant cell technology obtained by the stem of Globularia cordifolia plant which mimics the skin?s own defence systems.

? All of this above ? ?combined with vitamin-E antioxidant and a collagen stimulant, when the products are used, gives your face energy, vigour and glow that you need to get you through those tough days.

? Also, vitamin-B5 plays a role too by keeping the skin and hair hydrated along with Shea butter infused moisturiser adding nourishing suppleness.

?Take on the city, urban defence for urban skin ?? ? slogan definitely meets standards.

Now onto the products themselves;

Face wash ? 150ml for ?7.95

The ZeosForMen face wash is made for a ?daily deep clean? and has the properties and ingredients to improve your skin?s defence and regeneration, hydrate and revitalise the skin and has natural vitamins- E and B5.



Face Scrub ? 150ml for ?7.95

?Face scrub from ZeosForMen is definitely one to look out for, it?s main purpose is to clean and exfoliate the skin to make you feel energised and awake after every single use. The main uses of this face scrub is to improve the skin?s defence and regenerate, the special ingredients which make it so great are Shea butter which hydrates the skin and comes with natural vitamins-E and B5. All in all, it?s the perfect gift for the man who needs energising and regenerating on the morning for the tough day ahead.


Face and Body Moisturiser ? 150ml for ?8.95

Face and body moisturiser from ZeosForMen is an amazing product which I can back up from my uses of it, it just makes your skin and boosts your hydration of the skin, I love it . It improves the skin?s defences and regenerations the skin, the main ingredients are Shea butter and as I said before boosts hydration and finally comes with the natural vitamins-E and B5


Face and Body Shower Gel ? 150ml for ?4.95

Finally, the invigorating face and body shower gel which I have already tested for myself, and I can now admit that this product won?t last me too long! This products purposes are to refresh the skin, hydrate and nourish your skin and body and comes with natural vitamins-E and B5.
I shall finish off this blog post with a link to Boots where you can find these products near you!! And also a link to ZeosForMen which is their main site and I 100% recommend you go check them out, their products will not let you down !!!

Thanks so much Zeos, its been a pleasure working with you and thank you so much for everyone reading this blog, I hope I?ve given you some ideas as Christmas is coming up.

Thanks so much,


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