Since 2014 Zeos for Men have been creating products for men to make us look our best, whilst being as hassle free as possible, as in fairness the majority of guys want fast, effective products that aren?t complicated or have twenty steps to achieve a result.

Following on from the success of their at home male waxing solution, Zeos have now created the QU3 Urban skin care range, which is a four step programme, which comes in stylish, modern packaging which is manly and robust, but contains advanced skin care technology from head to toe, as each of the products contain one of the biggest buzzword ingredients in the beauty world at the moment, ?Resistem?. This powerful ingredient is like your skin?s very own bodyguard, protecting the integrity of your skin?s structure and defending against external stresses such as pollution and toxins, that can cause ageing and sensitivity to the skin.

I will be honest I like to use quite an extensive skin care routine and products that claim to be multi functional, have never lived up to the name. So I admit I was a little apprehensive whether or not this range could deliver products that were suitable for face and body, whilst still being effective. After using these products for the last month, I shouldn?t have worried as this time?a brand has hit the nail on the head, creating products that are not only multi functional, but are effective and I have seen a genuine difference to the quality of my skin, hair and body.

  • Zeos For Men QU3 Hair & Body Shower Gel ? The aroma of this shower gel is so fresh and uplifting, perfect to use on a morning when you are struggling to face the day, it gives a rich creamy lather to use on the hair and body, leaving the skin and hair fresh, clean, without any dryness or irritation after, which can happen as my scalp is prone to sensitivity and flare ups. This is certainly a gym bag essential for me.
  • Zeos For Men QU3 Face Wash ? I do love a good face wash especially on a morning when time is a little more precious, this face wash has an uplifting citrus aroma and gives a powerful deep clean to the skin, all traces of dirt and grime are removed from the effectively and the skin is left balanced and hydrated.
  • Zeos For Men QU3 Face Scrub ? The combination of coconut shell to refine the skin?s texture, which is great to use as a pre shave treatment with Shea and Cocoa butter allow for effective removal of dead skin whilst feeding the skin with moisture to leave the skin soft and hydrated.
  • Zeos For Men QU3 Face & Body Moisturiser ? Now I know what your thinking using one moisturiser on your face and body isn?t going to work and I would generally agree, they are different skin textures and densities, so I would always recommend to use a separate product for each. However as this moisturiser has a light, yet hydrating texture and the combination of Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Resistem, allow this cream to sink deeply into the skin and I have seen a big difference to the texture and firmness of the skin on my face and body.

Overall if you are looking for an economical range of products that won#t break the bank without compromising on quality or effectiveness then I would highly recommend to try this new Zeos QU3 range for men and see the difference for yourselves.
You can purchase each of these products from the ZEOS For MenWebsite, with prices under ?10 for the moisturiser and under ?5 for the shower gel and free shipping for all orders over ?12, it?s definitely worth a try.

Review by Desert Island Skin