Hassle free products that help you look and feel you best, that?s all you want right? Well, that is what Zeos are trying to achieve. Back in 2014, Zeos came out with a Warm Waxing Kit for men, which was a big hit. Now, following on from that success, Zeos have released the QU3 Urban Skincare range.

The QU3 Urban Skincare range comes in 4 products, which work together to help your skin fight against modern pollutants, stress and junk food. The aim is that this range can bring together cutting edge technologies to help protect your skin. On each of the bottles, you will see the work ?Resistem?. This is a powerful ingredient which works with the skins own bodyguard to help combat against the pollutants and stress that living in the 21st century can cause.

So before I jump into reviewing each product, I should point out that two of these products are 2-in-1 products. I don?t normally mind using products that are 2-in-1 as I have never had any problems with them, but some people have had poor experiences in the past. So I will say now that these 2-in-1 products work well, effectively working with both the hair, skin and body. I have seen a real difference since using these products.

Hair and Body Shower Gel

The Hair and Body Shower Gel is said to Invigorate and Refresh whilst also being Hydrating and Nourishing. Well, I can say that it does this, and it does it well. With a fresh and uplifting scent, this will wake you up and get you going, even on a Monday morning. Once you have lathered yourself up in the product. you feel amazing, and as it washes off, you can feel you skin and hair becoming clean. Whilst using this product, I never once came across any dry skin or suffered from irritation, which is a plus in my books.

Face and Body Moisturiser

The Face and Body Moisturiser is said to boost skin defence and regeneration whilst also hydrate at the same time ( a typical moisturiser ). I also know what you thinking, Face and Body Moisturisers are totally different products, and you are correct. The skin on your body and the skin on your face are different and are put through different tests in a day. BUT! This Moisturiser works well. It is light and easy to rub in, yet it hydrates well thanks to the Shea Butter and the natural Vitamins. It sinks deep into the skin and works well to improve the texture and the firmness of your skin.

Face Scrub

The Face Scrub is said to boost skin defence and regeneration whilst also hydrating it at the same time. Now, finding a Face Scrub that works for my face is tough. Some dry my skin out and some just do not seem to work. Suffering from acne is also a problem I have to deal with. Using this has been amazing. Not only does the Shea Butter and the Coconut remove all the dead skin cells effectively, but they also moisturise and protect your skin to stop it drying out in the process. Skin feels amazing after using this.

Face Wash

The Face Wash is also said to boost skin defence and regeneration whilst also hydrating it at the same time. Using this face wash in the morning after waking up is a luxury treatment for your skin. The citrus aroma wakes you up whilst the product wakes your skin up with a deep clean, removing all oils, dirt and grime. Your skin will look and feel clean, and you will feel amazing.

So overall, I would be happy to recommend these products to anyone out there. Not only are they affordable, but they work well. They do exactly what they are intended to do.

You can pick up the Zeos QU3 Range from here at very affordable prices.

Review By What Maff Said