I am back, again, this time with a BANG and a determination to keep this blog up to date. Quite a lot has happened over the past few months. Mainly work, which seems to have taken over my life and providing me with little time for myself and bottles of wine so I really need to give myself some downtime and a place where I can express myself.

So, for my come back blog post (sound like a z-list celeb), I would like to introduce you to Zeos For Men, a new brand focused on revolutionising male grooming products to make then as hassle-free as possible.

A while ago (and am so sorry about the delay) I was sent the most amazing bundle of products which have been a firm favourite in the shower, not only for me, but also for my housemates. The products included a face scrub, face wash, face & body moisturiser and also a hair and body shower gel. What else would you need for the best lathered up shower experience ever? Maybe a glass of champagne or a can of larger, according to your preference.

Now, being the modern, urban gentlemen that I am and living in London, all of the pollutants, work stress (noted above) and junk food that I eat (openly admitted) takes it?s toll on my skin. I really needed to find that product that helps me feel rejuvenated, leave me smelling great and also confident to face the day ahead. And these products have done just that.

So, what is the secret ingredient I hear you all asking? The answers include Resistem TM, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and Shea Butter. Resistem? ?is a natural ingredient discovered within the stem of the Globularia Cordifolia plant which helps to stimulate natural anti-aging defenses in your skin. The Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and Shea Butter also help this process along, by hydrating and nourishing your skin which improves it?s tone.

The pricing for these products are also extremely reasonable:

Obviously, you don?t need to buy all four of these products but since I have used all of these in my daily routine for the past few months, my skin has felt really soft and replenished. Exactly what everyone is looking for and one to add to your cabinet.

Not only do they sell these grooming products, but they also sell male waxing kits. Personally, I do not wax. I prefer the hairier side of life. However, I have read some great online reviews on these products and would be tempted to try, if I ever decide to start waxing. Maybe this is for future Mike.

One final note, I have literally used these products for months now and they don?t seem to be running out. Definitely not complaining. You can find all of the products that they have available using the link here.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Review By: Bearded Couture