Three weeks ago I received the complete skincare range from Zeos for men. It?s taken me a little longer to publish this review because since I received the products I decided to grow a beard and I wanted to see how the products were on my skin pre beard and post beard! Finally I am ready and here is the full review of the new Zeos skincare for men. Disclaimer: I received the products for free, but the review reflects my own opinion.


If you have read my previous reviews you know that I believe that image and design are very important. It is never a good sign if the first impression is poor. So what about Zeos for Men? I really like the packaging and the design of each product. They have used black, white and some funky colours for each product. I really like the way the packaging shows you what the product is for and what are the benefits. This is clear and simple. Well done to Zeos for Men! By the way, each product comes in 150ml.


The first product that I tried was the Face Wash. According to ZEOS this product uses Resistem which is a first line of defence that helps generate your skin?s natural glow by cleansing into the pores. Well, it sounds really technical but this Face Wash is really good. The smell is amazing, very masculine and it cleans your skin but doesn?t leave it dry like some other Face Washes I have used in the past. This is a really good product that you can use every morning in the shower. The smell is so great that it will wake you up and put you in a great mood!?I have been using the Face Wash from Bulldog for the last 2-3 months, but Zeos for men has become my new favourite (it smells really great!).


Of the four products I have received, the Face Scrub is my absolutely favourite. I really love it, it is one of the best Face Scrubs I?ve used in a long time. I don?t really like Face Scrubs that feel like sand paper, and the Zeos for Men Scrub is really gentle. The Face Wash smells great, but this Face Scrub smells even better! It has Coconut husk and Seah Butter to gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin + an amazing smell. I normally use a Face Scrub twice a week, but I have used this one around 4 times a week. I have delicate skin and in the past I have used other products (to review) and my skin was irritated and not happy! But the Zeos for Men Face Scrub is just great, it will leave your face very smooth. I am sincerely very impressed with the quality of this product and I highly recommend it.


Another product for your face with an incredible smell and texture. I have used the Zeos for men Face moisturiser for the last 2-3 weeks every single day. My skin feels really great, and with or without beard the result is the same: the skin is hydrated and smooth. The texture of the moisturiser is a little bit thick, which is perfect for me. I am not a fan of light moisturisers. It penetrates easily into your skin. It is a shame that there is no SPF15 version (especially for the summer). If you are looking for a new moisturiser and want a great one with a nice masculine smell, stop searching: Zeos for men moisturiser is for you!


This is the last product of the new Zeos for Men range. After using the other products I couldn?t wait to jump in the shower and try it. The smell is nice but I expected to be a bit more powerful. I like a shower gel with a strong fragrance in the morning! Apart from this, the shower gel cleans very well (expect a good amount of foam). It will leave you really clean and ready to start the day. That?s a nice product to have in your bathroom, and if you are going to try the new Zeos for Men grooming range I recommend you buy it.


As you have probably noticed I really enjoyed using Zeos for Men.?This is a really nice brand that really understands what men?s skin needs: simple products, amazing smell, great texture and that works.?Congratulations to Zeos for Men, because you have become my new favourite brand! I highly recommend the products and they are all available (and affordable) on their own website:

Review By I Am Henry