Following the great success of ZEOS for Men?s waxing treatment, Manscape were delighted to hear that the team at ZEOS have been working hard on the development of a new skincare range to add to their product line for men. So, without further ado, let?s meet the newcomer to the party? QU3 Skincare Range with Resistem TM.

The Secret Ingredient ? Resisten

What?s the secret ingredient that makes this product so cutting edge? It?s Resistem TM, a natural ingredient recently discovered using plant cell technology obtained from the stem of the Globularia Cordifolia plant. It mimics the skins own protection mechanism, stimulating natural anti-aging defenses. Add to this Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and Shea Butter and you can see why this product range should have a big impact on your skin, body and hair, adding hydration, improved skin tone and nourishment.

Staying with the original ZEOS branding and packaging, the reusable presentation box is simple yet stylish, and each product is assigned a different colour to easily distiguish them.

The Manscape team took some time to get acquainted with the ZEOS skin and hair care products, so here?s what they have to say about the entire range:


Definitely one we?d add to the bathroom cabinet. We love the fresh, citrus fragrance, and this light gel fragrant lathers up nicely, giving a deep cleanse that leaves skin feeling squeaky (literally) clean!


A great face scrub to use a couple of times a week, the coconut husk gives the skin a great exfoliation and leaves the face feeling hydrated and moisturised, even before applying the QU3 moisturiser!


If lather?s your thing when it comes to shower gel then you may take a moment to get to grips with the ZEOS QU3 hair and body shower gel. That being said, we?re quite taken with the fragrance that continues across the entire QU3 range, and the gel does what you?d expect, cleansing every part of your body, leaving that light fresh fragrance lingering on beautifully fresh feeling, cleansed skin.


Having never been a fan of a combined face/body product, I was surprised by this unassuming little moisturiser which has turned out to be quite a hit with one of the Manscape team. They?ve been using it religiously for the last 2 weeks and are adamant that their skin?s texture and tone have improved dramatically. A light and smooth moisturiser that smells and performs beautifully? it?s a keeper and I would dare venture to say it is quickly becoming an all-in-one favourite.

As part of your anti-aging skincare regimen, adding the ZEOS skincare range to your grooming arsenal doesn?t seem like a bad idea? it?s natural ? what?s not to love about that! It?s competitively priced ? always a bonus, and it?s specially created for men. So why not give the ZEOS QU3 skincare range a try? Let us know how you get along with it, and let us know your favourite?s from the range.

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