ZEOS for Men Product Review

Looking for showering products that are less harmful to the environment aren?t very easy to find.

I struggle to find the right skincare for me, as I can be allergic to a lot of products available to hand in the local supermarket/ shops.

My partner kindly offered for me to test out these products and I was pleasantly surprised. First things first, what?s ZEOS? about? Whats in these?

?Modern Urban living can be tough on your skin with pollutants, stress and junk food taking their toll. Fortunately, we?re all about solutions and ZEOS? QU3 range brings together cutting-edge skincare technologies to help shield your looks from the 21st Century.? Zeosformen.com

So, let me tell you about them starting with?

Hair & Body Shower gel

Not only is this invigorate and refreshing this shower gel hydrates and revitalises your body. Filled with natural Vitamins, your body will be glowing with cleanliness.

I really liked the feeling of this over my skin. Although, I did try it on my hair, but, I prefer to use shampoos.

This product is versatile, which is a winner for those quick morning showers.

Face & Body Moisturiser


Shea butter is one of my favourite ingredients in my skincare routine. I was pleased when I read this on the packaging, which I may add is nice to hold.

This is down to the 50% packaging being created from sugar cane to help it be more eco-friendly. I wish more brands would consider this.

Due to having sensitive skin, it can be a pain. So, naturally, I was sceptical of using this on my face. However, being a plant-based product I didn?t have any skin reactions.

My face was just left feeling hydrated.

Face Scrub


The plant stem technology is appealing to me as I find the natural scrubs help benefit your skin more.

Working in a hot environment my skin can suffer. I try to exfoliate 2 times a week to remove any unwanted dead skin cells and avoid pore clogging.

Face Wash

liked the texture of this face wash, as it glided across my face. Therefore, helping remove any dirt on the surface.

The face wash smells very natural and clean, if this makes sense. No potent smell which I liked.

It?s quick and easy to use and gives you the results your after a nice clean, fresh face.


Overall, I really enjoyed using these products as my skin felt fresh in the mornings and hydrated. Working as a head chef, you look forward to getting home and enjoying your bathing time. Men can pamper themselves too, it?s not just for the ladies.

Making that time to relax and wash the stressful, sweaty shift away. Finally, my favourite product was the face scrub. Anything that can help leave my skin feeling super smooth and decrease my blocked pores is a win for me.

Review By : Something So True