ZEOS? for Men has announced the launch of Urban Living QU3 Skin Care Range with Resistem?. This new defense system combines the latest technologies to create a layered resistance to keep the skin clear. Fielding three primary defenses: Face & Body Moisturiser (?8.95), Face Scrub (?7.95), Face Wash (?7.95), Hair & Body Shower Gel (?4.95) all effectively combine to protect your skin throughout the day.

Resistem is the common key to each, a natural ingredient recently discovered and exploited using plant cell technology obtained by the stem of Globularia cordifolia plant mimicking the skin?s own defense mechanisms thanks to a natural hormesis-like mechanism. The QU3 range also contains the naturally powerful vitamin E antioxidant and a collagen stimulant to give the face energy, vigour and glow. Natural vitamin B5 also keeps the skin and hair hydrated along with shea butter infused moisturiser adding nourishing suppleness.

Article Via : Fashion Beauty Insight

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