Winter means different things to different people. For some it?s hitting the slopes, for others it?s instant hibernation. Whether you?re?feeling fresh powder in your face or turning up the thermostat another notch or two, one thing?s for sure, your skin is under attack.

If you don?t stray far from the nest during the cold months, chances are the cosy cave you?ve created is a fairly hot and dehydrating environment. While most of us hate the damp, it tends to be better for our skin than very dry air which can leave your face feeling itchy and uncomfortable.

We don?t tend to naturally drink as much water during the colder months of the year because it?s simply not as appealing as a flat white or that comforting cuppa. A hot home or office and avoiding the water cooler can result in seriously dehydrated and hyper sensitive skin and it will show, making fine lines and wrinkles look more obvious.

The new Zeos QU3 range with Resistem? brings together cutting edge skincare technologies to help shield your looks from the tough realities of winter living.

If you find yourself looking tired and sallow, it?s quite tempting to try and perk up your skin with hot water, steam or a cold splash.?Actually, this will do the opposite and your skin is having a rough enough time as it is. Hot water strips your skin of its natural oils and rinsing it with cold water will leave it shocked and reddened. Simply wash your face with lukewarm water and a product such as Zeos for Men QU3 facial wash, formulated to gently and naturally rid your skin of impurities.

Washing twice daily stimulates your skin to start renewing itself. You can help the process along with a gentle facial scrub once or twice a week. You?re not trying to remove graffiti here so the key word is gentle, remember. You also need to give your skin something back. Zeos Facial Scrub with Resistem? contains natural coconut husk but also uses organic vitamins E and B5 to restore your skin?s natural vigour.

The Zeos QU3 range contains Resistem? which is a natural product that stimulates your skin?s self defence mechanism which is just what you need to shield your looks from winter living.

If you enjoy heading into the great outdoors on winter weekends, you might find yourself hitting the office on Monday looking like you?ve been sandblasted or at least slapped several times across both cheeks. While this could lead to some interesting stories, you can help to avoid this by preparing your skin before you expose it to the elements. One of the most damaging aspects of winter is the constant contrast of going from cold environments to artificially hot ones. Added to this, we comfort eat stodgy food, suffer from a lack of natural light and on top of all of it, there?s the indulgence of the winter holidays with rich food, parties and alcohol.

Get your skin ready to face anything the winter can throw at it by using a good moisturiser that packs some serious hydration power. Zeos face and body moisturiser is a hassle free way to treat your skin, formulated from a cutting edge blend of naturally-derived products which have proven results. Effective hydration is already a barrier to stress and skin damage and the addition of Resistem? means your skin is able to protect itself efficiently, reducing redness and sensitivity so you?re a lot less likely to light up like a beacon as soon as you go into a warm room; apres ski just got a lot more attractive.