When it comes to hair removal, in our view the longer it?s gone the better. That?s why Zeos Mens Waxing kits are one of the easiest and longer lasting ways to remove hair and keep it away.

Better still, the more you wax the less hair regrowth you will have. Sounds good right?

Zeos Men?s Waxing Vs Shaving

Shaving cuts the hair at skin level and will only give you the results you seek for about a few days shaving it cuts the hair bluntly so it has already started to regenerate. You may also razor burns, nicks and stubble regrowth.

Zeos Men?s Waxing Vs Other Standard Cold Waxing Strips For Men

Zeos Wax stiffens on the skin and opens up the pores/follicles due to the fact it is warm, meaning it can be peeled off quickly to remove the hairs without irritating your skin. (Similar?to a?cold shave Vs a Warm Shave)

Zeos warm wax is able to cling to the hairs better than just standard cold wax strips and due to this, it doesn?t necessarily hurt as much as standard wax strips.

Zeos Men?s Waxing Vs Standard Men?s Hair Removal Creams

Creams go below the surface to dissolve the proteins that make up hair, so you?re left feeling smoother than shaving However due to the ingredients and the way it removes hair can be very uncomfortable and sting especially if you have sensitive skin .

Zeos Men?s waxing removes hair from the root, you?re left with a smooth skin lasting up to 4-6 weeks. When the hair eventually grows back, it?s often sparser and softer too and of course waxing is longer lasting.

Zeos For Men once you have tried it you?ll never go back!