I know it?s sometimes hard to believe but women have evolved too. In fact, while early man was first contemplating removing his knuckles from the forest floor because frankly, they were starting to get a bit sore, early woman was thinking it would be pretty cool if you could do the whole hunter/gatherer thing online.

Essentially, no longer is the female of the species on the hunt for the biggest, hairiest ape in the jungle. If masculinity was ever judged by the density of hair on a man?s chest (and, Darwin forbid. his back) it is, mercifully, judged by those criteria no more. Women have realised that men are people too and can actually look quite nice with the right care and attention.

Apparently, a recent survey found 66% of women definitely preferred smooth men. I would argue that the other 34% who either had no preference or who still hankered for Homo Neanderthalensis had never encountered leftover crumbs from the pastie he ate driving home from work in their significant other?s chest hair. Believe me, it?s a passion killer alongside chest scurf or?well, I?ll leave it at chest scurf.

Times they are a changing alright, from the rugby field to Hollywood, in fact everywhere women stop being career-driven pilots of our own destinies for five minutes to check out the eye candy. Even 007 has finally moved with the years and the evolving female sensitivities. Sean Connery may have set female hearts aflutter in spite of a small, burrowing mammal fighting its way out of top of his dress shirt but it?s Daniel Craig, emerging from the water and waxed to within an inch of his life, in Casino Royale who will get the 21st?Century wannabe Bond Girl every time.