We Care About The Future – New Sugarcane Packaging

With so much plastic being used by beauty/skincare companies. It?s time that we all played our part in protecting our world for the future. One-way ZEOS can do this is by looking at reducing the amount of plastic we use in our products.

With over 8million metric tons of plastic tones flowing through our ocean which is expected to increase.tenfold?by 2025 and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish (by weight)*? It?s now time the beauty industry stepped up and helped make a difference.*

So How Will We Do This?

We?re excited to say that we will be updating our new ZEOS QU3 plant stem technology range with breakthrough technology in packaging to sugarcane tubes that will be up to 50% sugarcane packaging as a raw material (Maximum legal amount allowed).

ZEOS will continue to develop and invest in ways?to increase this ongoing and work with our packaging manufactures to lead in this area.

Our Commitment

As a brand, we have always been ethical in our sourcing and developing our ingredients/formulation and packaging ensuring it is to the highest quality and never tested on animals whilst never compromising on quality ensuring we offer you products you need to look and feel your best.

We may be a smaller brand compared to some of the bigger well-known brands you may see on TV however we feel beside producing/pioneering and investing in great skincare technology. it?s also important we invest in reducing our plastic waste and protecting the environment we live in.

You may not always see mass advertising and celebratory endorsements from us but what we are built on is great products that our customers adore and come back for again and again. ??Therefore, we would like to thank all our customers who will be joining us on our journey in making a difference.

The Technical Bit Made Easy

So, what?s the difference in our new ZEOS QU3 Eco Friendly packaging?

The main ingredient to produce regular plastic tubes is raw earth oil. The main ingredient to produce the new ZEOS QU3 tubes will be oil gained from sugarcane. ?Our new ZEOS tubes will contain 0% earth oil and will is 100% recyclable.

The production process of Green Polyethylene, from which the ZEOS QU3 tubes are made from , helps preserve the environment by capturing CO2 from the air, thus contributing positively to fighting the greenhouse effect. For every kilogram of Green Polyethylene produced 3.09 kilograms of CO2 is being removed from the air.??What?s more, 80% of the energy consumed during the production process of the ZEOS QU3? comes from renewable sources?