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Waxing has become just as much a part of the male grooming process as it is for the ladies, guys want to show off those killer abs and pecs that they work so hard for in the gym, no part of the body is safe, not even the ahem naughty bits haha, as hair seems to have been relegated to the face.

I have recently been using the UK?s best selling waxing kit which has been specifically designed for men, from Zeos For Men.


  • Self heating applicator and docking station
  • 100ml roll on wax refill, which has been formulated for men
  • 30 Non Woven removal strips
  • 6 Perfect Finish after wax wipes.

If you have yet to discover the Zeos brand, they have been creating products for men for the past couple of years, to make us look our best. They offer hassle free solutions, as in fairness the majority of guys want fast, effective products that aren?t complicated or have twenty steps to achieve a result.

I have previously reviewed their wonderful range of face and body products, for which the review can be found HERE.

Before waxing it is important to prep the skin, using a good body exfoliator is perfect to aid the hair removal process and remember to trim any long hairs to within 5-10mm. Always throughly towel dry the skin as the wax needs a clean, dry surface to bond with.

Step 1 ? Plug in the wax device and allow 20/30 minutes for it to heat up.
Step 2 ? Apply the wax on the desired area, making sure you apply with the direction of the hair growth.
Step 3 ? Apply the wax removal strip, leaving a couple of inches for you to hold onto.
Step 4 ? Rub over the top of the wax through the strip to allow for easy removal.
Step 5 ? Remove the wax strip, pulling back against the direction of hair growth and supporting the skin as tight as you can. Also try to pull back as close to the strip itself and not up in the hair as this can make the removal more painful.
Step 6 ? Remove any wax residue with the after wax strips.
Step 7 ? Rinse the skin with cool water to take out any heat from the skin.
Step 8 ? Apply and after wax lotion such a Tea Tree or Aloe Vera to sooth and calm the skin.
If you follow these simple steps then you will achieve hair free, soft smooth skin with the least amount of pain and skin irritation.

The best thing about waxing over shaving is that you can be hair free for up to 6-8 weeks and as the hair is removed from the root, there is no stubble regrowth and less chance of ingrown hairs. Which gives you more time to go out and show off your new hair free smooth body.

Overall if you are looking for an at home waxing system that is easy to use, looks stylish, that will last you a significant number of uses and has been created specifically for men then look no further than this device. I shouldn?t say this but it does work just as effective on the ladies so you may want to hide this from your female partners.

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