I love reviewing new, innovative skincare for men. This is so that I can test the best possible products for my own use and for recommending to you guys. I always get a little excited when I receive blogger mail, but nowhere near as excited as I got when I saw who this parcel was from!

Last year I trailed the ZEOS for men warm waxing kit and saw fantastic results. When I heard that this exciting new brand were bringing out a complete skincare range, I was over the moon! Naturally, I had pretty high expectations which they certainly lived up to.

The award winning QU3 range is designed with the modern-day man in mind. The stress of your morning commute and the pollutants that you expose yourself to on a daily basis take their toll on your skin. We all love our urban lifestyles, but do you know the damage it does to your skin? Luckily, ZEOS have tackled this issue face on with their remarkable new range.

The Science:

All of the products in the QU3 range contain the revolutionary ingredient Resistem?. Developed from stem cell technology (derived from a species that actively resists environmental stresses), Resistem? utilises the protective and defensive properties of this natural phenomenon. By incorporating this substance into their formulations, ZEOS have created skincare that has the ability to eliminate toxins, promote energy production and maintain the skins ability to regenerate. In other words?

The QU3 range:

1) Protects from every day pollutants
2) Gives your complexion a burst of life
3) Serves for anti ageing!

In addition to this, the range is packed with vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant and collagen stimulator) and vitamin B5 which binds and retains water within the dermis. This gives lasting hydration at a cellular level. B5 not only hydrates, but improves elasticity and softness.

I was super excited to be one of THE first to receive this exciting set of samples! After 6 months of using the range every day, here?s how I got on (in true marcoallamoda fashion).



For me there is no better way to kick start your morning regime than with a fresh face. This face wash not only brings incomparable cleansing, but invigorating menthol gives a sensation that wakes you up and brings life to your skin. Equally, using this product to freshen up at the end of your day will wash away any impurities that may lead to a breakout. Hydrating ingredients ensure that your skin stays quenched, which is vital in the battle against ageing. This product is supplemented with vitamin E which enhances your natural collagen production. Teamed up with Resistem? and Vitamin B5, this wash is a force to be reckoned with. ?

Can?t fault this face wash! Use morning and night for infallibly clear skin.


For me, there has always been a stigma attached to these 2-in-1 hair and body washes. The last thing I want is to strip away at my hair with products that are too harsh. Drying out the hair is always a risk with these types of washes. Luckily ZEOS have got it right with this hair and body gel! The same way vitamin B5 keeps the skin hydrated, it binds and withholds water within the hair follicles. Meanwhile vitamin E helps to build on the collagen that makes up and strengthens our hair. This product leaves your whole body feeling fresh and energised. ?

Impeccably clean hair and skin from head to toe.?


Exfoliation is one of the most important parts of your skincare program. We need to remove dead skin and unclog the pores to prevent blackheads. The trouble is that this can be abrasive and take its toll. ZEOS combats this by incorporating nourishing shea butter into their product. This moisturises while the natural coconut husk works to scrub away dirt and oil. Thus leaving smooth skin and clear pores, which appear reduced in size after each use.

My tips: 1) Use this scrub when you?re in a hot shower, the steam will open up your pores and the coconut husk can really excavate any blackheads and dirt. 2) Use as a shave prep. This scrub will remove any dead skin, preventing cuts and nicks, while shea butter will pre-hydrate your skin reducing irritation.

All-in-all, very good scrub.


Again, I am always sceptical when trying these types of 2-in-1 products. Initially I felt that a moisturiser which can be used on the body may be too greasy and heavy for use on the face. Surely a compromise has to be made somewhere? Well? they shut me up again. This moisturiser is so very light, non-greasy and fast absorbing! It literally melts into the skin within a few seconds of being applied. Shea butter+ provides optimum hydration and the added vitamins make your skin look healthy and full of life. It works as well on the face as it does on the rest of your body and has a sophisticated masculine scent. Better still, it?s one less bottle on the shelf! ?

I love this moisturiser

ZEOS have hit the nail on the head with their QU3 range. It is remarkable how the underlying science behind these products is teamed up with formulations that are both effective and great value for money. No wonder that they bagged themselves the 2015 best skincare range award (Male Grooming Review). As an animal scientist, it means a lot to me that none of these products are tested on animals. All of the products in the QU3 range don?t use animal derivatives and so are also suitable for vegans. This range is ideal for travelling as the bottles are compact and the 2-in-1 products are great for de-bulking your toiletry bag.

Give it a go! ? Marco

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