Evolution, it?s an awesome concept. It has given mankind the ability to make all kinds of cool choices from walking upright to not only mastering fire but using fire to barbecue. It also means that Man no longer has to resemble one of his more distant ancestors. Yes, (and you can almost hear the Space Odyssey music) Man can ditch the body hair.

?As you gaze down at your full chest wig you might wonder why you want to get rid of that bad boy. Well for starters, chances are it isn?t all that full. You may find your body hair grows in unattractive, stubborn patches. You may even find some of it has started to look a bit grey, depleted or is otherwise not contributing to the youthful appearance you?re trying hard to maintain.

Believe me, waxing will take years off you.?It will make you better to be around for a number of other reasons. Being fuzz-free not only makes you feel cool, clean and fresh but it will help prevent unpleasant odours from building up in your body hair and spilling out of that lucky shirt at precisely the wrong moment.

If you like to hit the gym, body hair really disguises the results of all that hard work and why not show off those tattoos or piercings you?ve already endured hours of pain for? You?ve earned a smooth canvas.

It probably took a leap of faith for early man to stop dragging his knuckles on the ground. Take a deep breath, it?s time to evolve again!