Men. We are all very simple and straightforward individuals that require the bare minimum to get us through the day. Having to use many different products can prove to be quite counter-productive, especially if the use of a lot of products can lead to your skin reacting to them. That?s why good quality products that do the job they are meant to do, whilst containing products that are beneficial to the health of the skin are the ones that men and everyone should really lean towards.

An example of such a range products are those produced by Zeos. This is an up-and-coming men?s grooming/shower products that

provide the essential maintenance for you and your skin. Zeos has released an impressive QU3 range, consisting of face wash, hair/body shower gel, face/body moisturiser and a face scrub. I reviewed these products over a course of roughly a month. The outcome was very pleasant, my morning routine became easy and simple, I could use the shower gel alongside my favourite product, the face scrub. After this I could then use the moisturiser to ensure my skin would be hydrated throughout the day.

The range really optimises what being a man is all about, being effective and more so, straightforward, and the QU3 range really expressed this. After using the face wash in combination with the face scrub every so often, your skin would be exfoliated and clean, and the scent from both is also pleasant, making it likeable and easy to use on a daily basis. Skin will be reinforced with the magic ingredient, Resistem, a naturally derived product that really helps your skin to repair, giving you the skin you will have always wanted.

I will definitely be using Zeos in the future, the QU3 range has made it to my skincare/grooming top 10 and I would definitely recommend it to all gents looking for a superb switch-up to their everyday routine. Check out the Zeos website for more information on all the products they provide.

Stay trendy & true to yourself ? ZK

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