Male grooming posts will be featuring quite a lot on The Yorkshire Gentleman blog, as it is something I?m very passionate about and take a lot of interest in. I am always looking out for and trying new products. I was extremely pleased to receive samples of the QU3 range of mens skincare products from Zeos

Upon receiving and opening the box, the first thing I noticed about the products is the fantastic smell! I was greeted by a warm, fresh masculine fragrance. Which I would imagine to be attractive to most men. I really like the vibrant, colourful design of the products and particularly like how they are colour coded for each product type. You do have to look closely to establish which product is which, for example when your in the shower and they?re sitting on the bottom of the shower tray? It?s easier when you learn to remember the colour coding!

Zeos for men QU3 skincare range

I received the 4 products in the Zeos QU3 skin care range, which were:

  • Face and Body Moisturiser
  • Face Wash
  • Face Scrub
  • Hair and Body Shower Gel

All of the products include Resistem, which gives them a cutting edge over other skincare brands. It is suggested that the natural stem cell technology mimics skins own defence mechanisms and encoraginging natural anti-ageing defenses. They all include Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 also, which are both essential vitamins for having both healthy skin and hair.

Face Wash/Hair & Body Shower Gel

I?ve been using the products both at home and after gym sessions. I?ve used both these products on a daily basis and was very pleased with the results. The great scent of the hair and body shower gel leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. For me personally, I don?t ordinarily use a 2-in-1 hair and body product, I?ve always used separate shampoo and conditioner. However I found that The 2-in-1 worked well and left my hair feeling clean and refreshed. The hair and body shower gel creates an impressive lather, with minimal effort.

For me, the face wash has a more subtle fragrance than the other products, but nevertheless, helps to revitalise and hydrate your skin. The face wash lathers up really well, unlike another brand of face wash I have. It is definitely one of my preferred face washes I?ve used recently.

Face scrub/Face & Body Moisturiser

I?ve also used the face scrub on a daily basis. It is a great product and makes your skin feel reinvigorated. I used it mainly for deep pore cleaning on the bridge of my nose to help de-clog any black heads! Like the hair & body shower gel, I?ve not used a 2-in-1 moisturiser for both body and face before.

Ordinarily, I would use a separate body lotion (usually cocoa butter) and a separate face moisturiser. I?ve always been a bit sceptical of whether ?2-in-1?s? are really worth using, over good quality separate face and body moisturiser. I must?say, I?ve been really impressed with it and the results.

With some moisturisers I?ve used, they have a tendency to leave my skin feeling a little bit greasy. Not with this product, its light, absorbs well into your skin and is a perfect end to your grooming and skincare regime. It leaves your skin feeling soft, rehydrated and the fantastic fragrance is very long lasting.

I would recommend these products to any gent who is looking for a range of quality skincare products. It is certainly a range of male grooming products that I would use again. They are a great range for very affordable prices, and can be purchased separately if you require. If you would like further information or like to purchase these products Check out Zeos Overall rating: 4.5 / 5

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Review By: The Yorkshire Gentleman