ZEOS For Men Premium Beard Lover Gift Set


  • Take The Mystery Out Of Mastering Your Beard With our Beard Lover Gift Set
  • ZEOS Radiance & Inspire 30ml Blend Of Key Powerful Nourishing Oils To Nourish & Tame Your Beard
  • Non-Greasy Residue Beard Oils
  • Helps Prevent Itchy Beards & Beard Dandruff
  • Hassle Free Beard Oils For All Beard Types  Long or Short
  • Boosted with Natural Vitamin E
  • Alcohol-Free & Suitable For Vegans
  • ZEOS Anti- Static Tangle pocket size Wooden Beard & Moustache Comb
  • The Perfect Gift For A Bearded Loved One Or Maybe Even A Perfect Gift For Yourself


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Discover the art of the beard. We have taken the mystery out of mastering your beard with our blend of premium oils sourced from around the world to promote incredibly touchable growth that’s easy to manage and sleek, beautifully conditioned skin. combined with our stylish Pocket size beard comb this beard lover kit has everything you need to ensure that your is looking it’s best

Beards can be tough on your face but ZEOS oils help banish irritation and flakiness and nourish the hair to both look and feel smoother.

Beard hair needs special attention to keep it strong but soft and inviting. Facial hair can also pull moisture away from the skin which can leave you prone to dryness and itching.

Beard Lover Gift Pack Contents

1 X ZEOS Radiance Premium Blend beard oil 30ml  A bold and contemporary fragrance created for the dynamic man who likes to squeeze every single drop out of his life. Sharp but sweet top notes reminiscent of glittering fruits sit atop a heady yet distinguished base making this a lasting scent to wear as close as your beard to energise and invigorate throughout the day.

1 X ZEOS Inspire Premium Blend Beard Oil 30ml An unforgettable fragrance journey, created for the kind of man who other people like to follow. A dominant, masculine blend with a contemporary twist, Inspire speaks of high achievement reminiscent of the boardroom or gentleman’s club. A perfect signature scent to wear as intimately as on your beard.

1 X ZEOS Wooden Beard Comb – Stylish pocket beard grooming comb (10.5 cm x 5.5 cm),
Anti-static tangle free beard care experience, without tangles or frizz wooden beard and moustache comb.

Pocket Sized: This compact comb fits snugly in your pocket, providing you with instant access to a well-groomed beard Premium quality and made to last.


To help you enjoy a long and beautiful relationship with your beard, we have brought together a blend of oils (Evening Primrose Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed and Vitamin E Oil) naturally loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E, Vitamin A, Omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid to condition the hair and boost the skin’s elasticity and soothe any irritation. Additionally, few things come anywhere even close to Argan Oil for general beard health and our blend is supercharged with this workhorse of conditioners to banish wiriness and help you maintain a sleek, tidy look with minimal effort.

ZEOS beard oil is remarkably effective and used correctly really puts your follicles through their paces, leaving only a subtle scent and glowing skin with no annoying greasy residue. You don’t need much, a couple of drops if it’s not grown on too much from stubble or four or five for a longer, fuller beard. If you’ve just showered, your pores will be open to the nourishing qualities of the oil but let your beard dry before applying to get the full benefits.

Pure Power Nourishing Oils Squeezed in Ever Drop Full List Below

Master the look with ZEOS Premium Blend Beard Oil & Beard Comb

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