ZEOS? For Men Paper Waxing Strips Refill + 6 Wipes



  • Refill Paper Waxing Strips and After Wax Wipes
  • 30 Paper Waxing Strips (Non-Woven)
  • 6 After Wax Wipes

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Made with men in mind, these removal strips are designed to recharge your ZEOS waxing kit and for the sleek results you want should be used with the ZEOS For Men wax refill (available separately).

For the Best Results carefully smooth a Zeos removal strip over the area you?ve applied the ZEOS roll-on wax (available separately) to in the direction the hair is growing, leaving a wax-free tab at the end (this will give you something to hold on to). Smooth it over again to make sure the rest of the strip has fully adhered to the wax.

Hold your skin taut with one hand and grasp the tab you?ve left free firmly with the fingers of your other hand. Remove the strip in the opposite direction to the way the hair is growing as quickly as possible, the faster the better!

If there?s any hair left, apply the strip again and repeat. Once the area is hair-free, simply use one of the After Wax wipes (enclosed) to remove any residue.

Pack Contents

  • 30 large Zeos for Men refill removal strips designed to recharge your Zeos waxing kit.
  • 6 After-Wax Wipes.

This Product is not suitable for Children

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