After countless attempts at hair removal which often resulted in an unsatisfactory finish, I had almost given up hope. Instant gel strips and removal creams seemed like an easy way forward, but when they didn?t live up to their expectations I was always left disappointed. Then I discovered ZEOS!

I was kindly sent this awesome warm waxing kit, I have to say, I astounded with the outcome! The great thing about it was the the sheer simplicity. Even a waxing novice like myself managed to achieve flawless hair removal. I would have expected results like this after trip to a salon, but never from a kit that you can use at home.

We guys all know that there is a certain taboo about male waxing. Research carried out by ZEOS shows that lots of guys are after that smooth look. When the market is dominated by products marketed at women, it?s obvious that prejudice would arise! However, this gap in the market has now been filled to the max! ZEOS is a growing force to be reckoned with and it?s specifically formulated for male skin.

When I opened up the box, suddenly I realised what all the fuss was about. You get a complete collection of everything you need for the perfect wax.

The kit consists of:

? A self-heating applicator
? A roll on wax stick
? An electric dock
? Soft removal strips
? Soothing after-wax wipes

After reading through the instructions I couldn?t believe how simple the method was. You simply place your wax in the applicator, whack it on the the dock, plug it in, then you?re off. Once it?s reached the correct temperature you roll on, apply a strip and grit your teeth! Kidding aside, I was pleasantly surprised with the painlessness. Waxing is never going to be the most enjoyable sensation but for ME to think it was more than bearable says a lot! Any excess is removed using the enriched after-wax wipes. You are left with smooth, hairless and moisturised skin.

Over a month later, re-growth was minimal. You don?t need to worry about allowing it sprout back before each go, ZEOS works with hair as short as 2mm! I cannot explain how impressed I am with the end result.
TOP TIPS from the brand:

? Apply in direction of growth and remove in the opposite direction.
? Make sure the wax runs smoothy through the roller
? Apply a little talc prior to application to stop wax adhering to the skin.

Definitely recommend trying it out! To put the cherry on the cake, It?s amazing value for what you get.

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Blog By: Marco Alla Moda

Written By: Marco Crisci