More than half the world?s population lives an urban life, running around the city like a headless chicken, completing day-to-day tasks such as dropping the kids off to school, buying your daily food essentials such as milk and bread, then rushing to your early morning doctors appointment straight after, the modern urban lifestyle can cause quite a stress on the skin.

It?s important to take care and pride of our skin and since living in an urban environment, it?s especially important. With the daily pollutants, stress and free radicals, skin can age quicker then you think. The makers of the UK?s best-selling waxing kit have recently launched an exciting grooming range that?s especially created to defend the skin from living in a harsh urban city environment.

The QU3 range was specially created for the urban modern gentleman. This new grooming range from ZEOS is perfect for guys who struggle finding the time for a little TLC on those early dark mornings. Packed with two power boasting Vitamin E and B5 that awakes your senses, ready for that big day ahead. ZEOS have also equipped in the products with Resistem.


By the authorisation of Sederma, Resistem is created from combining two anti-ageing ingredients, this plant cell ingredient acts as a ?skin bodyguard? through a hormatic connection in the body. This intelligent ingredient also decreases the levels of anti-ageing elements. Resistem also helps to reduce the effects of skin reddening and sensitivity whilst providing skin with a healthy natural glow.


The QU3 range from ZEOS consist of 4 daily skin care essentials that your going to love, based on natural Vitamins E + B5 and Resistem. Vitamin E works by preventing premature skin ageing because of its high antioxidant protection whilst B5 promotes relief from skin irritations such as shaving rash, blemishes and itchiness.

With its fresh, crisp scent, bold and sophisticated packaging, I can see the ZEOS QU3 range becoming quite a hit! Just don?t be surprised if your other half has a little nosey and play with your new found skincare.

The delightful face wash is a pleasure to use, working hard at removing that oily slick and unwanted city toxins that can lead to skin ageing and blemishes. With the use of coconut husk, this skin-defence face scrub from ZEOS does an incredible job at removing those pesky dead skin cells that can lead to skin havoc. The Face & Body Moisturiser is like an energy drink but for your skin. With comforting Shea butter, Vitamin B5 + E and ZEOS house ingredient Resistem provides a layer of defence from the daily aggressions outside. Then finally we have the hair & body shower gel which I particularly like to use after my sweaty gym session. This gentle but deep cleansing body wash lathers up into a light foamy texture allowing you to massage into the skin leaving you feeling uplifted and revitalised.

Review by MR Wharff