Why would you switch from shaving to waxing? Shaving is something men have done for generations; with a clean cut appearance being the height of sophistication ? but, those rashes, cuts and dots of tissue paper on the face kind of ruin the image a bit! Shaving has to be done every morning to keep the five o?clock shadow at bay, and shaving other regions, well that can be slightly daunting, so is waxing a solution? Well, 100% of users of Zeos for Men waxing products surveyed said they would re use the product, 100% of users found it easy to use and 80% of users felt different after waxing.

Waxing was once the preserve of the metropolitan, effeminate male but is now increasingly mainstream and has many celebrity fans such as pin ups like Daniel Craig and David Beckham right through to the once Neanderthal rugby players ? with only this week the Irish and British Lions revealing their glistening chests with not a hair between them! It is rare to spot a celebrity with a hairy chest, Simon Cowell aside, and the modern day male is one finely groomed and immaculate in appearance. But, why is waxing taking over to such an extreme?

One reason could be the ease of use. Men tend to not like to spend a lot of time doing things, and as vain as the male population has become, if there?s a simpler and quicker solution to something it?s going to be a popular one. Waxing once can last up to six weeks, it?s a lot easier than shaving and less time consuming also when hair does regrow it does so much thinner and more sparse, meaning a second application of waxing will be even quicker than the first! Waxing is different to shaving or hair removal creams with it removing hair from the root and not just the surface of the skin, as shaving or hair removal creams do, this is the reason the effects last much longer and skin is left softer, and smoother. Stubble, shadows and rashes are eliminated and daily shaving will become redundant, as once you have tried waxing you?ll never go back!

You can purchase waxing strips for home application for just ?3.99 from Zeos for Men with a complete high-tech Zeos warm waxing kit retailing at ?29.99 (with free delivery) ? this is an innovative system as well as being ultra skin friendly with salon results guaranteed ? without the embarrassment or time/money lost actually visiting a salon!