Pollution, junk food, stress?ZEOS knows that modern life can take its toll on your skin, especially when you live somewhere like London, so they?ve come up with a solution. The ZEOS QU3 range is packed with Resistem (developed from natural plant cells and designed to act like a guard), vitamin E, vitamin B5 and shea butter, so your skin is repaired, hydrated and protected.

And because ZEOS like to keep things hassle-free, there are just four items in the QU3 range ? an invigorating hair & body shower gel, an exfoliating face scrub, a revitalising face wash and a hydrating face & body moisturiser. It?s perfect if you?re strapped for time or if you?re on the move a lot; no one likes carrying bag full of bottles and tubes and no one likes looking tired, so now you don?t have to.

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