We love city life; the buzz, the noise, the fact you can get bourbon ribs at 2am and breakfast noodles at 7. The city never sleeps and sometimes neither do you, which is why you sometimes probably kick off the week looking like an extra from The Walking Dead.

Urban living can definitely take its toll on your appearance. We all have to get to work. Whether you choose to take the bus or tube or brave the traffic on your bike, one thing the city streets don?t offer you is much fresh air. Exhaust fumes, smoke and dust can all make your skin feel dirty and irritated and when you rub your face you?re rubbing in city grime that highlights every crease and?wrinkle, making you look haggard. Longer term, the daily assault can weaken your skin?s natural barrier, leaving you open to attack from the elements.

The new Zeos QU3 range with Resistem? brings together cutting edge skincare technologies to help shield your looks from the tough realities of urban life.

Your first line of defence after a day in the city is a good wash, of course. Nothing feels better than water on your face and the new Zeos Facial Wash cleanses deeply, freeing your pores from filth, with natural vitamins E and B5 working hard to leave you feeling fresh and invigorated. To deal with the longer term build-up, the Zeos facial scrub has the same deep cleansing power but also contains coconut grit to gently but firmly slough away stubborn grime and dead skin cells, helping you to put a fresh face on.

The QU3 range contains Resistem? which is a natural product that stimulates your skin?s self defence mechanism which is just what you need to shield your looks from city life.

It?s not just pollution or poor air quality your skin has to deal with. In town, changes in the weather seem more dramatic than elsewhere (unless you happen to be halfway up a mountain in Wales, of course). Heat and sunlight feel more intense bouncing off countless mirrored windows and the rain just takes all that dust and pollution, dilutes it then plasters it on face and in your hair. Nice. Extreme conditions push your skin?s front line to the limit; leaving you blotchy, parched or upping the oil production in the middle part of your face. No one wants red cheeks and a shiny nose. Harsh conditions irritate and redden your skin. Resistem? acts like your skin?s personal bouncer; if it isn?t on your list, it isn?t getting in.

While we love living in the city, it can be stressful. Too much stress isn?t good for us so it won?t surprise you that it?s not great for our skin. A bit of stress can make us perform at our best, whether it?s work or play, but if it goes on for too long or too often then the hormone it makes your body produce can throw your whole system out of kilter. Looking drawn and tired is one of the warning signs and taking time to relax and look after yourself can help your skin do that amazing job it does of repairing itself and leave you looking more like, well, like you again. You can help your skin recover by using a good moisturiser that packs some serious hydration power. Zeos face and body moisturiser is one no fuss way to treat your skin with a cutting edge blend of naturally-derived products which have proven results.

What else can you do to counteract life in the city? 24/7 living is tempting but seriously, how many of us have that sort of staying power?? Getting a good night?s sleep doesn?t make you a lightweight. The land of nod is where we all need to go to repair ourselves, deal with the stresses of daily life and wake up ready to face it all again. If you keep dipping into your sleep account too regularly, you?ll end up overdrawn and it shows.

The other city essential is drinking more. We?re not recommending you hit the bars after work or pop open another can of a sugary, high caffeine stimulation drink. Both of these things should really be treats (if that?s what you?re into). What you need to do is drink more water. When you?re racing around with a million things to do, dehydration can be hard to avoid. When you don?t take in enough H20, the water content in your skin drops leaving you looking sallow and parched and if you do this too often, your skin can lose some of its resilience. So alongside restoring your skin?s hydration on the outside with a good skincare routine such as the Zeos QU3 range, don?t forget to regularly top up your internal tank.