Wrong. Well, theoretically you can simply shave off your body hair but it depends on how keen you (and your significant/prospective other/s) are on the sensation of sandpaper. Not saying there?s anything wrong with sandpaper, of course, we don?t judge.

Shaving will only give you the results you seek for about an hour and if you?re the sort who gets a five o?clock shadow just before lunchtime, you can make that forty-five minutes. We exaggerate, of course, but you get the picture. Shaving simply cuts the hair at skin level leaving a healthy root to flourish just below the surface and sprout with renewed vigour almost as soon as it senses the razor has been put safely away. It also cuts the hair bluntly so what is already starting to regenerate is a flat, hard stubble. You know this, however, because you shave your face every single day and you probably sometimes hate it.

Waxing eliminates all that. When you wax you are effectively removing the hair from the root rather than simply cutting it off. Yes, there is the slight element of discomfort but let?s gloss over that because it?s not half as bad as it sounds and the benefits are enormous over shaving which isn?t always without pain either (and there is bleeding involved when shaving hurts).

No razor burn, no nicks and no stubble. Waxing isn?t a permanent solution but when you use the right product, it can be a very long lasting one. When the new hair eventually does grow back it will grow back noticeably softer and sparser without those brutal, blunt whiskers. Making your body a sandpaper-free experience.