?We?ve all been there. Sometimes we all need to squeeze an extra couple of hours into our day; whether it?s a heavy schedule at work or opportunities to be social that we don?t want to miss, even if it means skimping on shut eye.

Burning the candle at both ends is seriously habit forming though and because you think you?re getting away with it, either the days get ever longer or the long days get ever more frequent. Inevitably, that fateful morning?s going to happen when you catch sight of some haggard guy staring at you on the tube or bus and realise it?s your reflection.

Panic not. For starters, get some rest. You?ve clearly dipped into your sleep account too much and now you?re overdrawn and it shows. Pay yourself back with some early nights, fresh air and the proper, balanced meals you?ve probably skimped on along with your beauty sleep.

If you?ve been working long hours, staring at a computer screen in a stuffy office does your skin about as many favours as clubbing?til the small hours. Packing a lot into your day tends to reduce the time you spend on yourself too. Along with the overtime, you?ve probably thrown cold water on your face, shaved too quickly or ducked in and out of a too hot shower and it probably shows.

Contrary to popular belief, hot water isn?t pore cleansing. It simply strips your skin of its natural oils while a cold splash leaves it shocked and red. Don?t be so harsh on yourself, wash your face with lukewarm water and a product such as the Zeos for Men QU3 facial wash, formulated to gently and naturally rid your skin of impurities.

Wash twice a day, the stimulation is great for your skin. If your face is looking tired, it?ll probably benefit from a gentle facial scrub a couple of times a week on top of the cleansing. The important word here is gentle, you?re not trying to get a scratch out of your car?s bodywork. Look for scrubs like Zeos Facial Scrub with Resistem?; choose a product that not only contain natural exfoliants like coconut husk but also give back something to your skin to restore its natural vigour such as organic vitamins ? E and B5 are particularly helpful.

Massage makes your skin appear brighter almost instantly and working a good moisturiser into your face will make it look like you?ve had a lot more than three hours sleep. Moisturising also feeds your skin and offers vital defence against the realities of life in the city. Zeos face and body moisturiser contains Resistem? a natural ingredient that stimulates your skin?s defence mechanism and is boosted by vitamins E and B5 to keep you looking fresh and smooth, even when you?re yawning inside.

Don?t forget to smile. Smiling uses most of the 57 muscles in your face, laughing even more. Your face needs exercise like the rest of you so don?t just work out your body; a good laugh gives your facial muscles the exercise they need and no one will ever know you?re doing it!