ZEOS for Men Beard Oils- Review By A Blokes Eye View

This post is going back to my roots, well to be honest, I could mean that in two different ways.

Firstly, when I started blogging, I used to feature a lot of beard products and sadly that kind of stopped about a year and half in, they always did really well veiw wise but I just struggled creating content for them and then secondly the products I will be talking about in this post are beard products and if you’ve used any sort of beard product before, you will know that they work? their way all the way down to my facial hair roots and giving them some tender loving care :]

I’m not the biggest beard oil user but I will always recommend using one, for me its just, I’m not a fan of having an oily beard, but what I do love, is the different fragrances they have but its just the feel of it just gets on my nerves sometimes.

When I first started growing a beard, oil was my go to product, It was from reading a blog like mine, way before I was a blogger myself. I wanted some tips on how to grow a beard because I was really struggling at the time, I’ve always had stubble and always tried to grow my beard a little longer but always failed due to being so itchy and I ended trimming back down to a grade one.

This went on and on for a few years… until like I said above I read a blog post on how to grow a beard, I wish I could of remembered what post it was so I could of linked it in but unfortunately I don’t so you will just have to use my post for a source of information on tips on how to grow a beard.

In the the post it explained that if you want to stop the itch then it was best to apply a few drops of beard oil to your hand, rub gently together and then work through you facial hair no matter what length it was! At the time mine was around 10mm to 15mm long.? After a few days of using the oil, I could feel a massive difference, my beard was feeling really soft and my skin underneath my facial hair was feeling really moisturised as well.

I still wasn’t a big fan of using beard oil until a few weeks ago when The guys over at Zeos asked me if I wanted to review a couple of their oils, to be honest I did have to think about it at first but then I remembered I have used a few of the other Product?Zeos?have in their range and I was really impressed.

There are so many variations on the market some can leave your beard feeling greasy as well as looking like you have just run some high shine pomade through it ? This is not a good look! So what you want to be looking out for is a non-greasy oil that is packed full of essential oils like this ZEOS for Men Premium Beard Oil.

Beard oils should be a part of any bearded man?s grooming routine. Many bearded men don?t use them; however they do play a part in keeping your mane looking fresh. They are usually made up of what is called carrier oil, this is the base oil that the beard oil is made from. Essential oils are then added to the carrier oil and these are the oils that make your beard and skin look and feel healthy.

Beard oil is really easy to use but don?t go overboard, a few drops in your hand and massage into your skin. Following this you then run the oil through your beard and to finish use a wooden comb to comb your beard into shape. This will keep your beard looking healthy and feeling great..

They sent both, the?Radiance and Inspire Premium Blend Beard Oils

Both oils have a nice blend of a lot of the usual suspect oils in them, which you would expect and they do really blend quite well together to nourish and tame your beard and I was presently surprised that they did leave my beard and skin feeling greasy at all. Radiance has a bold and contemporary fragrance and Inspire has a masculine blend with a contemporary twist, they are both alcohol free and suitable for vegans.

So all in all, I think the products are great, I ?would highly recommend them if you are wanted to give your facial hair the attention it should have.