It?s safe to say that the weather this week has been a disappointment so far. With the ever-changing temperature from a comfortable 16 degrees one day to a chilly 5 on another.

We all know what comes when the weather can?t make up its mind; breakouts, dry skin, red faces and the need to consistently put on/take off that jacket. Which is why when I received a little box from Zeos for Men I was excited to try a fresh pack of face scrubs, moisturizers and washes.

And yes, I know, I seem to have tons of these but it?s important to keep care of your skin no matter how masculine of a guy you are and it?s always nice to try out new things!

I?ve spent the good part of three days using the four little bottles and here?s what I think..Introducing the QU3 collection:

The?Hair & Body shower gel?is a great refresh to start the day. Packed with Vitamins E & B5 it helped me feel revitalized on my way to work. The fragrance is fairly typical of what you?d find from other shower gel brands, but isn?t as poignant in my opinion.

I find that a lot of products go over-board on the senses which can cause some people headaches. I wouldn?t suggest getting this if you are very prone to that, but if you want to lay off any strong smells then this shower gel works subtly for a fresh scent.

The?face and body moisturizer?feature shea butter, all hail! If you don?t use shea butter in at least one of your products then you?re missing out guys. A perfect remedy for dry skin, it?ll help you combat this kind of indecisive weather, plus it leaves that holiday smell which is great for stepping into the Summer. Plus a lot of moisturizers come in a tiny sample bottle, so it?s nice that Zeos packs you well with a 150ml bottle.

Now, what I like about the?face scrub?is how it comes out in a paste and works specifically to hydrate. If you eat a lot of junk food and stress a lot like myself, then you know the pain of greasy-looking and sometimes flaky skin. Using this to exfoliate around certain areas such as your nose and cheeks will help to get rid of that. And yes, it?s got shea butter as well! A coconut husk with a great natural fragrance.

Finally onto the?face works a lot like the body shower gel, however I find it?s a lot softer on the skin which is important around sensitive areas such as underneath the eyes.

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