Powered by natural plant stem cell technology, the Zeos QU3 range mimics the skin?s own defence mechanisms, protecting us from the skin-stresses and pollutants faced in 21st century living.

Face Scrub
Regular readers will already know how much I love a good exfoliator ? I?ve tried so many, so there?s a lot to live up to. Zeos? Face Scrub provides a good amount of scrub thanks to environmentally friendly, natural coconut husk ? no nasty microbeads! I like to use this in the mornings before shaving to prepare the skin, and in the evenings to scrub away the day. Vitamins E and B5 have been combined with Shea Butter to repair, hydrate, and protect the skin.

Face Wash
Produced with the same natural vitamins, Zeos? Face Wash gently, but effectively remove excess oil from both the skin’s surface, and deep down into the pores. Having the true definition of combination skin, it?s hard to find a product that both gentle enough on the dry outer skin, but still tough enough on the oilier centre of my face ? this is one of the few products that cleansed my skin, while still leaving it soft and supple ? no tightness from overly clarifying! For well under a tenner, this is true expert skincare that?s truly affordable!

Shower Gel
Continuing to pack their products with the goodness skin needs, Zeos? Shower Gel works in the same way as the face wash ? effetely cleansing the body, leaving skin refreshed, soft, and supple. While this is designed for both body and hair, it hasn?t replaced my haircare products, as I feel my longer locks need a little more specialist care to keep them under control, but if you have shorter, more manageable hair, then I?m sure it would be a suitable substitute to toss in your gym bag instead of carrying your entire grooming regime with you ? and for under a five, it?s not just a pace saver, but also a money saver!

Face and Body Moisturiser
This where I felt the plant stem cell technology really comes into play! Unlike the other products where the majority of active ingredients may be washed away Zeos?s Moisturiser has plenty of time to soak to the skin and get the good stuff where it needs to be. The technology inside this product helps build a defence in the heart of the skin and boost the skin ability to regenerate itself. This is another 2-in-1 ? designed for both face and body ? and works well on both areas!

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